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Signs it is Time for Air Conditioning Service

No one wants to have to think about, let alone pay for, air conditioning service. This is especially true when it is extremely hot outside. There is no question that repairs can become high and for some, dropping hundreds of dollars on one unit, is simply not a possibility. However, in some cases, air conditioning service is unavoidable, especially if the unit stops running completely for no apparent reason. Some of the common signs that AC service is needed and some tips for troubleshooting can be found here. In some situations, calling a professional will be unavoidable.

The AC Unit Won’t Come On

If this occurs, then it is important to try and air conditioner checklist determine where the issue is. Turn the thermostat down a few degrees to ensure there is nothing wrong with the sensor. Also, check the thermostat setting to ensure it is correctly set. If it is set on “auto,” then it should be changed to “on,” in order to see if it will actually come on. If this doesn’t fix the issue, then be sure that power is getting to the unit. Be sure to check the breaker box to see if anything has caused one of the breakers to trip. If this has occurred, then it is time to reset it and ensure that there are not too many appliances running at the same time.

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A Dirty Air Filter

Air filters that are dirty will lead to a reduced AC system efficiency. This means that the filter needs to be changed every one or two months. If a homeowner notices that the filter is caked with dirt and dust after this period of time, then the filter needs to be changed monthly. When the filter is changed on a regular basis, it will ensure the airflow is staying constant and that there is not a lot of dust or dirt getting caught in the actual system.


Learn more about AC service and when it is needed by visiting the website. Knowing what to do will help ensure the system does not have issues. Take some time to see why service and maintenance is so important. This will help ensure that the system continues to work as it should and does not have any issues regarding performance or efficiency. There are some contractors who will set up a regular maintenance schedule for a homeowner to ensure the AC system continues to work as it should.

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